The most important part of the wine making process is the vineyard
Ask any wine expert and they will all tell you that 95% of the wine making process is done in the vineyard. To make a truly brilliant wine you don’t need to invest 100’s of thousands or millions of dollars on equipment to correct wine faults but invest a lot of time and TLC in your vineyard.


Red Deer Vineyard is Certified Organic

Red Deer Vineyard was officially certified as Organic in March 2014.  Organic production means our product is free of GMO, the routine use of pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals.  At Red Deer Wine we believe that organic production is the only sustainable option for benefiting ourselves, our environment and future generations.  Visit our organics page for more information on how our wine is grown and certified by the New Zealand government.

Our Mission

116Our mission is simple:

“At Waitaria Bay, we focus on making a truly handmade wine. This means that all vineyard work is completed with human labour and also a bit of blood, sweat, tears and the odd wasp sting at harvest.”
Owner Stan Simpson said “Red Deer Wines are totally hand worked and picked and we just received our organic certification.  This vineyard has seen a meteoric rise since it was established in 2004. Initially skeptics thought that the Sounds climate would not be suitable for viticulture-too wet or too windy. But Red Deer Wines have proved them wrong.  It’s very isolation protects it from wind blown diseases, thus decreasing spraying, and the lack of early or late frosts eliminates the need for helicopters.”

Waitaria Bay Estate, formerly Bayview Wines, was re-branded as RED DEER which reflects the varied enterprises at this incredibly interesting vineyard. Red Deer graze this sheltered, green valley alongside the slopes covered in vines.
The name, Red Deer, was decided in a competition open to the local neighbors. This was won by local builder and home maintenance man Mike Richards and was received positively by the over 60 people who attended the Harvest Dinner.