Red Deer Vineyard is Certified Organic

Red Deer Wine is proud to announce that as of March 2014 our grapes are Certified Organic. Our official producer information can be reviewed on the Offical BioGro web site.

BioGro is New Zealand’s leading and most trusted independent organic certifier. The BioGro logo enables consumers to identify genuine organics through our certification programmes, standard and logo.

Difference between organic and certified organic

In New Zealand, there is no protection around the word ‘organic’ and anybody can label or promote a product as organic or natural as long as it meets fairtrade requirements. We don’t think this is good enough. BioGro certification protects consumers by enabling them to identify genuine organic produce. Their logo is on many well-known organic products seen on retail shelves today. Their certification programmes and logo are recognized around the world and have become synonymous with certified organics.

Red Deer WineOrganic Production at Waitaria Bay Estate

Our produce products here at Red Deer Wine are free of GMO, the routine use of pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals. Organic production is the only sustainable option for benefiting ourselves, our environment and future generations.  Our organic farming practices are more than just spray-free or residue-free.  Organic food is grown naturally without the routine use of synthetic agricultural pesticides or fertilizers.  We produce healthy and nutritious food from a balanced living soil and any processing is designed to retain its natural goodness.

Our key practices include:

  • Encouraging and enhancing biological cycles
  • Maintaining and improving long-term soil structure and fertility
  • Practicing humane management of livestock
  • Maintaining genetic diversity
  • Cycling organic matter and nutrients within a production system
  • Minimizing all forms of pollution
  • Adopting an integrated management system for soil, crops and the environment for weed, pest and disease control
  • Aiming to produce food of high nutritional quality